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Connecting Students to Employment, Community, and Industry!

The Golden Eagle WIN (Workforce Internship Networking) Center connects and supports the career pathways of all students and alumni by providing job listings, career workshops and events, career assessments, and employer networking opportunities along with work-based learning activities such as internships, guest speakers, and site tours. These activities are aimed to help students establish or advance personalized career goals. The WIN Center integrates the workforce into your education and brings business and industry into the classroom.

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Every good job search needs a system to enable a systematic, purposeful journey. Jobspeaker will help you stay empowered at every stage of the job search – with online management tools, instructional videos, and a collaborative environment that will keep you engaged and ready for the workforce.

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Jobspeaker FAQs

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  • Jobspeaker is an online platform that WHCL uses to help students find and apply for employment opportunities, attend networking events, and build a professional profile. Students with Jobspeaker accounts can also easily track employment applications on their Dashboard and explore career options through the uExplore feature.

  • You can create a WHCL student account on Jobspeaker by clicking on the “Visit Jobspeaker” button above or by visiting As a student, you’ll want to click sign-in and then select the “PortalGuard Login” button at the top of the sign-in page. If you need help creating a WHCL student account in Jobspeaker then check out our Jobspeaker Student Quick Start Guide below. If you need further assistance contact the WIN Center at (559) 925-3388.

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  • You can upload a PDF document in the Documents section of your Jobspeaker profile.

  • Jobspeaker pulls jobs from multiple online job boards such as Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. Employers with a Jobspeaker account can also post jobs directly into Jobspeaker.

  • Contact the WIN Center at (559) 925-3388. We’re always here to help!

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