Tuition And Fees

Payment of Enrollment Fees
The California Community Colleges' enrollment fee is $46 per unit.

Non Resident/Foreign Student Tuition is $307 per unit (see below for more information)

To make a payment online, click on Make a Payment under Financial Information in the My Services tab on the myWestHills College Portal. Credit Card Logos

To pay by phone call (559) 925-3317 (Lemoore), (559) 934-2300 (Coalinga) or (559) 934-2980 (Firebaugh, NDC). 

For registrations prior to Fall or Spring Terms, payment is due in July for Fall semester classes and in November for Spring term classes. For summer classes or if registration is done after term due date (July/November), payment is due at the time of registration. If the registration fees are not paid within 24 hours, you may be dropped from your class(es). 

Please be advised that you are not officially registered for classes until payment has been made or other financial aid has been awarded, which may include PELL, BOG, or loans. After receipt of payment, you will be placed in the class.

California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

The California College Promise Grant is a state program that waives community college enrollment fees. The CCPG covers an academic year beginning with the summer term and eligibility continues for the fall and spring terms as long as academic progress is maintained. Students must be a resident of California or determined to be AB540 by the Registrar’s Office, and either be eligible through completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), CA Dream Application, or the Promise Grant Application by meeting specified income criteria. CCPG Applications are available at the Financial Aid Office.

Active Military

Active duty military personnel may apply for Tuition Assistance to pay 100% of enrollment fees up to 12 units per military fiscal year, October 1 to Sept. 30. An application may be picked up at the WHC NAS Lemoore Center or at the Navy College Office. The application for Tuition Assistance must be routed through and approved by your commanding officer before returning it to the Navy College Office for processing. Active duty military personnel who do not get approved for Tuition Assistance must pay all fees in full. For more information call 559-925-3350.

Non-Resident/Foreign Student Tuition

A student who does not qualify for California residency is classified as a non-resident student and is required to pay a non-resident tuition fee. The fee for non-resident tuition is $265 per unit. This fee is in addition to a $46 per unit enrollment fee mandated by the State of California.

Effective Fall 2021 total tuition fee = $307 per unit (includes enrollment fee and non-resident tuition fee)

International students must also pay a non-refundable $100 per semester processing fee, and the following fees for a United States health insurance coverage:

Summer 2021 Semester: $272.00
Fall 2021 Semester: $507.50
Spring/Summer 2021 Semester: $710.50

The health insurance fee may be waived for those students who provide proof they have current health insurance coverage valid in the United States or for those students who are not physically attending any onsite West Hills Community College District classes (e.g. attending only online classes).

To request a waiver of the health insurance fee, please send your request with proof of insurance to West Hills College Coalinga, Attention: International Students Office, 300 Cherry Lane, Coalinga, CA 93210.

International students may obtain more information about purchasing health insurance from the International Students Program Office located on the West Hills College Coalinga campus.

Exemption from Nonresident Tuition (AB 2210)

Education Code section 68075.6 grants an immediate nonresident tuition fee exemption to eligible Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders and refugee students who settled in California upon entering the United States. This exemption is granted to one year from the date the student settled in California upon entering the United States. 

This exemption applies to the following:

  • Iraqi citizens or nationals (and their spouses and children) who were employed by or on behalf of the United States Government in Iraq
  • Afghan and Iraqi translators (and their spouses and children) who worked directly with the United States Armed Forces
  • Afghanistan nationals who were employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government or in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan
  • Refugee students admitted to the United States under Section 1157 of Title 8 of the United States Code


Materials Fees

Students must pay for required instructional materials. When such fees are indicated, the materials for which the fees are levied are supplied at District cost. These are tangible materials that are essential to satisfaction of course objectives, have value to the student outside the classroom, belong to the student, and may be taken home. These materials include, but are not limited to, such items as textbooks, workbooks, syllabus, computer disks, tools, uniforms, canvases and other art supplies. Students may be advised by their instructor to purchase certain optional instructional materials that enhance a student’s learning experience in the classroom but are not essential to completion of course objectives.


Student Representation Fee

As of January 1, 2020, any student registered for classes will be charged a $2 student representation fee in compliance with AB1504. This is a mandatory fee, which supports lobbying efforts by students for their rights.
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